We are excited to announce that applications are now open for the Calgary Trainee Program being held in early 2023. Applications will remain open until 8:00 am PT on January 3rd, 2023. Please refer to the helpful links below to review the program requirements and to ensure that you are sending in a complete application in PDF format.

Please note that our office will be closed over the holidays and any applications that come in during this time may not get reviewed until the New Year.

Helpful links:

Applicants will be shortlisted for interviews and further shortlisted through the interview process for enrollment in the program. There is a participant fee for the onboarding portion of the Camera Trainee Program upon acceptance. Successful applicants will be notified of this amount after the interview period.

Please submit all applications to [email protected]. If you have any questions about the Trainee Program or application process, please feel free to reach out at that email address or call 778-330-1674.