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Review of applications are held on a monthly basis.  

  • The next deadline for application review for the month of March 2020 is March 13, 2020 by noon, PST
  • Please note that Junior Unit Publicist Applications are closed until further notice
  • Information on Underwater Categories

How to apply:

  1. Read the Application Information Package (Updated June 2019) specific to your craft category.
  2. Fill out the ICG 669 Application Form and provide all required documentation.
  3. Submitted applications must be in paper form only with no staples, folders, binders, plastic sleeves or sheet protectors. All applications are scanned by the office then emailed to the appropriate category committee for review and merit evaluation.  

**Incomplete applications will not be accepted**

Mandatory courses for membership:

  1. Motion Picture Safety 101 - General Safety Awareness (MPGSA) through Actsafe
    Free, online course:
  2. WHMIS
    Available online at
  3. Motion Picture Industry Orientation
    Available at various educational institutions (Langara, VFS, Capilano University, UBC, InFocus Film School ) in addition to Actsafe, available here: Please check the school's respective websites for further date information.
  4. For Director of Photography / 2nd Unit Director of Photography: Motion Picture Safety for Supervisors
    Free course available via Actsafe:

Applicants in Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan can take equivalent set protocol and safety courses at:


New Members: are required to complete the Member Orientation, which is the pre-requisite to enrolling in all of the Master Series Workshops and Courses, as well as the Mentorship Program.

About ICG 669

The International Cinematographers Guild, Local 669 ( ICG 669) is a local of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. We represent freelance professionals who work in the categories of the camera and publicity departments of the motion picture and television industry. Our jurisdiction is all of Western Canada including BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Yukon territory. 

We welcome camera professionals and publicists who meet our industry experience requirements.

Our members are responsible for seeking and obtaining their own work. ICG 669 does not serve as a hiring hall or directly dispatch jobs to members. Membership in ICG 669 is not a guarantee or an entitlement to employment. Our members are eligible to pursue work on signatory productions and when employed are covered by the rates and terms of the agreement negotiated with those productions. 

What does representation by ICG 669 in the entertainment industry mean for you?

An opportunity to work on professional industry productions alongside our finest camera technicians featuring some of the industry's top talent on safe sets. A place where your skill and commitment will be fairly compensated under the safeguards of a collective agreement  

Our members enjoy the benefits of guaranteed terms and conditions that a contract offers including

  • paid overtime
  • contribution based Health & Welfare benefit plans
  • travel & per diem for distant location shoots
  • safety & health protocols 

ICG 669 is joint member of the BC Council of Film Unions (BCCFU) along side IATSE Local 891 and Teamsters Local 155. Since 1996, the Council has negotiated a series of successful Master Agreements with 3 year terms. Negotiated with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) these agreements provide terms for British Columbia which are then used to base our Western Canadian Agreements covering the Prairie Provinces. Our agreements provide long term labour stability and a framework for producers to fulfill the creative visions of artists and film makers who work in film, television and screen media. 

As members of a Guild that promotes our talents and defends our interests we are part of a proud community of skilled, creative technicians and artisans who make vital contributions to the industry.

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