As you are aware, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) agreement expired May 1st. The WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture Television Producers (AMPTP) have failed to reach an agreement by the deadline and the WGA are now on strike.

ICG 669 members working under the BCCFU Master, Western Canada, or Low Budget Agreements are not subject to the strike mandate. Those agreements, consistent with the Labour Relations Code, contain language that does not permit a strike, work stoppage, or disruptive activity by the Union or an employee during the term of an agreement.

US Productions prepping or shooting in our jurisdiction may have work stoppages if their scripts are not complete. Depending on how long a strike lasts, a stoppage could happen quickly or not at all on some productions.

ICG 669 respects and supports our US-based WGA kin in their enormous effort to achieve a fair contract.

We will update you as relevant information becomes available.

Please see the WGA release here.