Trainee Program

Timeline of an Application

Below is a table of how a typical application is processed by ICG 669.

Call for ApplicationsICG 669 opens up the trainee program in response to market demand across Western Canada. Courses are held in Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg as needed throughout the year.
InterviewsApplicants are shortlisted for Interviews.
(“Boot camp”)
Applicants are further shortlisted from the interview process to take part in ICG 669’s onboarding course (“boot camp”) taught by ICG 669 members. This course teaches students foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities required to work on set in the camera department and in a union environment.

There is a participant fee for the trainee onboarding portion of the Camera Trainee Program upon acceptance. Successful applicants will be notified of this amount by the end of interview period.

At the end of the course, students will be required to pass a written and practical assessment.
TraineeshipOnce an individual has passed “boot camp”, they become formal Camera Trainees eligible for dispatch on union shows. On average most Camera Trainees acquire the minimum of days (at least 100 trainee days), assessments and reference letters required to apply to upgrade to 2nd Assistants and graduate from the program within 1.5 – 2 years. This process may take longer, depending on the market and production season in each province.

All Camera Trainees are dispatched on day calls and rotations as equitably as possible, with priority given to those Camera Trainees with the most amount of days (i.e.: Camera Trainees from previous year will be dispatched before new Camera Trainees). Camera Trainees are only dispatched on signatory productions that have available openings. Please note that trainees are not mandatory crew on productions. This may in turn affect openings.

Rotations are paid and are typically 5 weeks in duration on a variety of different production types such as Movies of the Week, TV Series, Pilots, and Feature Films.
GraduationIf a Camera Trainee has met the requirements to upgrade, they may submit their upgrade application for review. Once approved, Camera Trainees upgrade to full membership with ICG 669 as 2nd Assistants and work on any signatory ICG 669 production across Western Canada.