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Film & TV 2017 REEL Thanksgiving Challenge Breaks Last Year's Record Total!

This year industry sponsors supported local productions to raise a grand total of $207,787.73 in funds and food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. This breaks all previous records and goes to show the great support and generosity the film industry provides to the community. Here are the winning top 5 productions: 

1. The Man in the High Castle: cash raised $35,405 food value $0 (0 lbs.) Total: $35,405.00

The #REELThanks17 Challenge raises $205,830.98 in Funds and Food

Once again, the Reel Thanksgiving Challenge has surpassed its goal and donations over previous years! The productions that participated in the #REELThanks17 challenge raised $205,830.98 in funds and food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

War for the Planet of the Apes Contributed Over $81M to the BC Economy

In a recent media release, The Motion Picture Association - Canada announced that Twenieth Century Fox's 'War for the Planet of the Apes', filmed primarily in British Columbia, contributed over $81M to the BC Economy. 

This figure includes expenditures such as local construction supplies (over $3.6M), location fees (over $1.6M), local transportation costs (over $1.5M), local catering and craft services (over $1.2M) and local hotels (over $1.2M).

This also includes $45M spent on local cast, crew and extras


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