When we talk to industry members, a common theme that comes up is burnout. There is a perception that burnout is inevitable for those working in the entertainment industry – it is often viewed as a sign of getting consistent work. This notion is what leads to the belief that being overworked is a sign of success, but the pandemic has given many people time to pause and question the sustainability of this mindset.

Burnout can have detrimental impacts on mental and physical safety, both on and off the job. At The AFC, we have learned that burnout can also lead to immense financial hardship, creating further precarity for workers. So what can individuals do to mitigate their risk of burnout while thriving professionally? Answering this question is easier said than done, so let’s talk about it!

Dismantling the Burnout Badge is presented in partnership with the Associated Designers of Canada and Means of Production. Join us as we engage in a rich discussion about the effects of burnout (personally and professionally), how it is perceived, and the different ways one can mitigate its effects.

CW: This panel discussion may include sensitive subject matter.


Patrick Lynn


Kyle Ahluwalia
Carmen Alatorre
Megan Potestio
Leslie Ting

Accessibility: ASL interpretation and closed captioning provided.