A career in the arts and entertainment industry can come with many external pressures. These expectations sometimes motivate us as we build our career paths but also create confusion or a sense of coercion. As a result, it can be hard to make decisions about what we want for ourselves – personally, creatively, and professionally.

At our first Lobby Chat of the season, we will discuss how we define career success and how we arrive at our individual versions of success that reflect the lives we want for ourselves. Success is highly subjective, and recognizing this can help combat stigma and self-doubt and boost financial and mental wellness.

Presented in partnership with the Canadian Senior Artists Resource Network and Theatre Alberta.



  • Kat Estacio (musician, artist, administrator, and Managing Director at the Wavelength Festival)
  • Rita Shelton Deverell (television broadcaster, theatre artist, scholar and activist)
  • Caleigh Crow (incoming Board President of Theatre Alberta, independent artist and activist, associate artist at Making Treaty 7 in Calgary)

Accessibility: ASL interpretation and closed captions. Please get in touch with us if you require other accommodations. Free to attend – registration is required.

About Lobby Chats

The AFC’s Lobby Chats bring together people who have experience, passion, and knowledge of critical topics that directly impact the members of Canada’s entertainment industry. Whether we’re talking to freelancers, leaders, administrators, or service providers, these conversations offer a compassionate knowledge-sharing platform where our community can come together to help each other grow and flourish in the industry on both personal and professional levels.

Lobby Chats focus on the individual’s experience, the person who is navigating what is known to be a precarious career path in arts and entertainment. These conversations will hone in on the areas of financial wellness, mental health, and career sustainability. At the end of each chat, audiences will have a chance to ask questions and join the conversation in the spirit of community support and learning.