The Inclusive Workplace (also known as Respectful Workplace) webinar led by industry veteran Natasha Tony and her team from Elevate Inclusion Strategies.

This session will allow participants to examine their own assumptions and biases; analyze their and others’ behaviours; and practice skills through engaging activities, insightful case studies, and practical self-assessment.

This workshop will help us rethink our relationships with others and society. The social landscape can change so quickly that we hardly have time to keep up with the terminology. Nonetheless understanding and incorporating new ideas into our ways of thinking and doing creates an environment where everyone feels valued and safe.

This webinar is a required course for 669 Shop Stewards; however, it is highly encouraged that any members in a leadership role or emerging leaders register for the course. Participants will gain a clear understanding of what it means to be an inclusive leader and why it’s essential—focusing on developing inclusive leadership behaviours such as accountability, ownership, allyship, curiosity, humility, and courage.

The webinar is from 9:30 AM PST to 4 PM PST via zoom with breaks scheduled throughout the day. Due to the nature of the content, course structure and conversations that occur the webinar will not be recorded, and all participants must be able to have their video turned on and sound functioning.

Zoom links and course materials will be provided to everyone in advance of the workshop.

Registration will close on Monday, September 19th at 9 AM PST.  Though the course is free to attend, please note any no-shows or late cancellations (after Monday, September 19th) will be charged a $150 fee. If you sign up and are unable to attend, please contact Nicole the Safety Coordinator: [email protected] or 604-239-4423.

Registration for this event is now closed.