Start your financial spreadsheets with Richard Coburn

When your line of work is known for inconsistent income and varying payment schedules, it can be good to have some help to keep it all straight. Even if you have an accountant, a good spreadsheet can really take the mystery out of one’s personal finances. Getting started can be tricky, so we have invited Richard Coburn to help freelancers and gig workers stay on top of their finances.

This workshop is for beginners and those looking for a refresher with skills and knowledge to help

  • better understand your personal financial landscape;
  • prepare for tax season, including knowing how much money to put aside for taxes;
  • build simple tools that will immediately improve your financial planning.

There is no abstract theory in this workshop – it is 100% practical. Richard will walk participants step-by-step through a personal finance spreadsheet, providing options for various difficulty levels. Participants will experiment with it in real time and have their questions answered.

Accessibility: ASL interpretation and closed captioning. Please get in touch if you require additional accommodations. Space is limited.

This workshop is presented as part of The AFC’s Financial Wellness Program, made possible through the generous support from Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner.