Back by popular demand for the first time in two years. This course has been offered many times with great success.

Negotiation work skills are required for every working professional in the film industry. This course is designed to help the participants develop their know-how and skills with this important element of their career. Negotiations are a learned art which is why we want to empower our members to make it work for you!

The Art of Negotiating will cover:

  • The Rules of Negotiating
  • Finding your negotiations style
  • When to discuss money
  • How to respond to “No”
  • What to include in deal memos
  • Creative deal-making techniques
  • How to negotiate in tough times
  • Do’s & Don’ts

About the instructor:

Rachael Stanley was a Costume Designer for over 25 years with credits including five seasons of “Sisters”, which earned her an Emmy nomination, “Ally McBeal  ”which brought her another Emmy nomination, as well as a Costume Designers Guild Awards nomination, and 4 seasons of “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”. She has served as a member of the Executive Peer Group for Costumes Designers and Supervisors with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  After years in the field, she joined the staff of her union, the Costume Designers Guild, Local 892, where she now leads the union as the Executive Director.

Her seminars on negotiating skills and interview skills began as a tool to help her fellow costume designers, and over the years has become a popular class with other Locals in the IATSE.

She has been teaching her seminars for over 10 years in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Vancouver, and Toronto.

*A maximum of 40 spots are available with 15 spots set aside for Prairie members; however, any spots not claimed by someone from the prairies will go to those in BC on the waitlist.

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