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Please see below a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Camera Trainee Program. If you have any further questions, please email

You are welcome to also join our Mailing List to be notified of any updates:

When will the next Camera Trainee Program happen in my province? 

The program is designed to operate on market demand. Please check back regularly on the following pages: Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg

Will the Camera Trainee Program show me how to be a DP, Camera Operator, Still Photographer or any of the other departments?

The purpose of the trainee program is to provide on the job training to specifically become a 2nd Assistant only.  This is a crucial role within the camera department and as such, during your traineeship, your focus should be on building 2nd Assistant skills in order to excel to be the best camera assistant you can be.  By osmosis and being on set, you will have a chance to see different roles on set and how they integrate.  Once you graduate from the program and become a full member, you can leverage the skills, network and experiences you have developed to gradually work your way over time to higher classifications or opportunities in other departments.

If you are interested in applying directly to ICG 669, please see our join page instead for our general requirements to become a member:

Are these unpaid internships?

No, by law trainees are to be paid no less than minimum wage when they work on productions.

What is the cost of the program? 

There is a course fee for the "Boot Camp" portion of the program.  Cost can vary from year-to-year, please see the respective program page for the breakdown of costs.  Once you become a formal camera trainee and are being dispatched to day calls and rotations, there is a $50 quarterly trainee fee and 4% is deducted off your paycheque; after you become a member, this is reduced to 2% and your quarterly trainee fees become quarterly member dues of $125.

Do I start going on camera trainee calls immediately after the program is finished? 

Yes. Please note, trainees are given priority based on the number of days and timing may be affected by production season demand and trainees who are still active from previous years.

Can I take other work while being a Camera Trainee? 

Yes, quite often Camera Trainees work as PAs, Grips, or in other departments between rotations. We ask that for your benefit you make being a Camera Trainee top priority. Camera Trainees are not to work in any ICG 669 member positions however, as one is not a member yet until they graduate.

How long does the program take? 

Please check the Timeline of Application page as each program differs between provinces. 

Can I apply to one of the programs even if I don’t live in that province? 


Is it necessary to own a car to be a camera trainee? 

No, but you must have access to a reliable vehicle during your traineeship.

Do you need to be a Canadian citizen to apply?

No, but you do need to be legally able to work in Canada.

I haven’t completed all my courses. Can I still apply? 

You must provide proof of registration for said courses with your application, and have the courses completed before your first day on set.

I haven’t completed my application, but the deadline to submit is tomorrow. Can I give you my half-finished application or email a reference letter I got after the deadline when I get them? 

Please don’t do this, your application will not be considered unless complete. If something is outside of your control, please email us.