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Fatigue Management

In 2015, SIX Safety Systems conducted a Fatigue Survey on behalf of the Locals and Guilds within the BC Film and Television Industry. This survey was sent to approximately 12,000 individuals made up of members from IATSE Locals 669 and 891, UBCP/ACTRA, ACFC, DGC BC, and Teamsters Local 155. 

The purpose of this survey was to get a better picture of the factors contributing to fatigue, and to help determine ways fatigue can be managed given the nature of varying work schedules within the industry.
Results were tallied and summarized into an overall industry report, which was presented at the Consultation Meetings that took place in early May with all of the major studios in Los Angeles.  This report was also shared with the Canadian Motion Picture Association (CMPA) along with the Health & Safety Representatives from all the major studios.

In addition, IATSE Local 669 Member responses were analyzed and summaried in a separate report.

For a full picture of the results please take the time to read both reports.

You can access these reports by clicking here.

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