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Winnipeg Camera Training Program 2020

The ICG 669 Camera Trainee Program is a market driven program designed to provide participants with the skills and on-set experience required to become a 2nd Assistant in the Camera Department. You can read more about our Trainee Program here.

The Winnipeg Camera Trainee Program took place in Manitoba last week, and we are pleased to say it was a great success with all students passing with flying colours!

This course would not have been possible without the strong partnership and assistance from the incredible staff at Film Training Manitoba, William F White, and KESLOW (Toronto).

We would like to thank our head instructors ICG 669 Manitoba MAL Caleb Gibson (1st AC), Simon Schroeder (2nd AC), and Christina Kasperczyk Camera Operator) for their dedication and time to teach our Prairie trainees.

A huge appreciation for our very own Kat Yee, who works tirelessly to coordinate the Trainee Program and to Eli Terlson for assisting.

The Vancouver Trainee Program is underway and stay tuned for an imminent announcement for our Calgary 2020 Trainee Program.

To view more photos from the Winnipeg Camera Trainee Program 2020, click here.

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