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#Throwback669 - Tomorrowland

#Throwback669 | Tomorrowland (2015)

Tomorrowland was filmed in British Columbia and Alberta in late 2013.

Tomorrowland producer Jeffrey Chernov is a Hollywood guy who knows his B.C. stuff.

The Globe and Mail interviewed Chernov in Squamish, where he was scouting locations for the next Star Trek film, which was shooting in B.C. later that year.

Q: Beyond the good locations, the crews and of course the tax breaks, is there anything about B.C. that has an impact on the final product?

A: The crews are just exceptional. The experiences I've had up here just make me very comfortable that I know that I can get big, complicated movies done. When you look at movies like Steven Spielberg's [The BFG, which he is shooting] right now, or Dawn of and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, these complex visual-effects movies, it takes a real understanding how to make them in order to execute the work. And that's what Vancouver does.

ICG 669 Crew (At the time of production):

  • Ian Levine (2nd AC)
  • Kimberley French (Stills)
  • Sarah Mather (Digital Loader)
  • John Clothier (Camera Op)
  • Larry Portmann (B Cam 1st AC)
  • Andy Capicik (B Cam 2nd AC)
  • Lee Anne Muldoon (Senior Unit Publicist)
  • David Joshi (MPV Coordinator)
  • Jeffery Bjorgum (MPV Assistant 1)
  • Gaelle Jego (Trainee)
  • Peter Wilke (2nd Unit Op)
  • Taylor Matheson (2nd Unit 1st AC)
  • Alex Martinez (2nd Unit 2nd AC)
  • Noah Richoz (2nd Unit DIT)
  • Lance White (2nd Unit MPVC)
  • Alexandra Matheson (2nd Unit Digital Loader)
  • Spiro Grant (2nd Unit 2nd AC)
  • Kim MacNaughton (2nd Unit 1st AC)
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