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Sarah Jones Anniversary

One year ago today IATSE 600 member 2nd AC Sarah Jones was killed in a tragic accident on the set of the film Midnight Rider. It is all too easy to let such tragedies slip from memory over time. These workplace accidents can happen anywhere. Just recently a Teamsters 155 member lost his life in an on set accident in Vancouver. We are all a big family responsible for our collective safety and we need to be proactive and supportive of one another in safety awareness. We work in an often hazardous work place and safety must always be at the fore front of our minds individually and collectively. Whether you are working today or not, please take a moment to remember Sarah on this anniversary of her death and the significance of that event a year ago in bringing greater awareness for safety to sets across the continent. Please work safely and never feel that you are alone if you are asked to do something that you feel is unsafe. We can pay the greatest tribute to Sarah, if we can avoid the kind of accident that took her life.

In Solidarity,
Brian Whittred

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