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30 Years of 669 Announcement

In March 2020, International Cinematographers Guild Local 669 will be turning 30!

To celebrate, for the month of March, ICG 669 will be sharing a production per day for each corresponding year the union has officially been in existence. The years attached to each production will be their production date, and not release date.

Some great productions will not be mentioned in March, but each Thursday after the campaign ends, ICG 669 will be sharing a production a week, so there will be lots of time to mention others.

We would like to thank all of our members, supporters, and partners over the past 30 years. Without you, we would not be here. With an ever-increasing influx of productions coming here to Canada, we are sure the next 30 are going to be even better.

To follow along, either follow our social media channels below, or check back to this news section where we will breaking down our productions into decades. 

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Studios depiticted in our campaign who own the rights to the productions featured are as follows: ABC, Allstar, Warner Bros, Alberta Filmworks, CBC, Fox, Getty Images, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, MGM, Showtime, Touchstone Pictures, The CW, 20th Century, NBC, Universal Focus Features, Searchlight Pictures, Sony Pictures, MovieStore/Rex/Shutterstock, AMC/Netflix, Open Road Films, FX, Apple.

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