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2015 Calgary Camera Trainee Training Session

2015 Calgary Camera trainees and instructors posing for the camera from back to front, left to right:

Aaron Hultin (new trainee), Jordan Forester (new trainee), Jordan Hubbard (current trainee), Peter Kominek (new trainee), Chelsea Carrick (current trainee)

Carly Stinn (2nd AC, instructor), Troy Woodbeck (trainee), Bria Graham (trainee), Lisa Dickau (trainee), Chris Bang (2nd AC, instructor), Steve Blahitka (not pictured, trainee)

2015 Calgary Camera Trainee Training Session Event Summary

From Monday, Feburary 2 - Saturday, February 7, 2015, the Class of 2015 Calgary Camera Trainees undertook a rigorous training week taught by Local 669 members in Calgary, Alberta.  Over the course of the next six days, instructors covered important topics including safety, set etiquette, and trainee responsibilities, in addition to hands-on experience with equipment and building cameras from the bottom-up.  The training experience was further supplemented during the week by guest speakers by Caity Brown (2nd AC), Jarrett Craig (Operator), and Damon Moreau (Steadicam Operator), all of whom provided key insight about their craft and work experence with the class.  Many thanks to our excellent instructors Chris Bang (2nd AC), Regan Enderl (Operator), Christina Kasperczyk (Operator), and Carly Stinn (2nd AC), with gratitute to Local 212 and Panavision Calgary for hosting the trainee sessions at their locations.  

We are proud to announce that all of the trainees who took the course successfully passed their written and practical examinations.  Congratulations to the Class of 2015 and best of luck on your journey in the camera department!

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