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Resolume For Film & TV Workshop

Sat Sep 21, 2019
SIM Vancouver
3645 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC
FULL - Waitlist
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Michelle Yardley

*Please Note: This workshop is now full. A waitlist has been started, so please contact to be added.

Resolume software is increasingly being used to deliver computer/video play-back on film & tv sets.  This hands-on workshop will leave participants with a thorough understanding of how Resolume software works, how to prepare for a shoot, and use it successfully on the day. 

Participants will learn: 
  • How to install and setup Resolume software
  • Create compositions and prepare/load content
  • How to build cues, using layers, columns and effects
  • To configure multiple outputs for complicated film sets
  • Best practices for managing screen settings
  • Complex layering of content and video mapping
  • Integrate live video and interactive animations
  • Logical troubleshooting steps when things go wrong

This is a GREEN EVENT! 

· Bring your own water bottle and coffee cup.
· Carpool if possible.

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