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LED Fundamentals

Sun Feb 24, 2019
Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals
3774 Napier Street Burnaby, BC
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Michelle Yardley

Welcome to the wonderful world of LEDs! ICG 669 is teaming up with Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals to provide members with a practical workshop and demonstration of current production grade LED fixtures and accessories.

Participants will learn about the different LEDs available on the market, how to operate various LEDs, the benefits, characteristics and limitations for each, and which LEDs to use in various applications and scenarios on set. There will be multiple stations set up, so participants can get hands-on experience with the fixtures and controls, with the opportunity to get in-person feedback for practical usage. 
Topics Include:
Evolution of LEDs
LED Fixture Designs – Soft Panel Lights and Hard Fresnels
Demonstration of Small to Large LED Fixtures
Colour (Kelvin) Temperature – a Practical Guide
LED Variable Colour Temperature Settings – Practical Use
Light Meters, Colour Meters and new LED Spectrometers
What is CRI – TLCI – SSI – TLMF – How do they help?
Green and Magenta – Correction and adjustment for locations
Fix it in Post…
Popular Brand LED Fixtures:
  • ARRI
  • Kino Flo
  • Litepanels
  • Zylight
  • Cineo
  • Nila
  • Quasar Science
  • Aputure
  • Litra
New LED Special Effects and Controls
MUST RSVP to attend! Email to reserve your seat!

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