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**CANCELLED** - Shot Planning with Advanced Digital Tools

Sun Sep 8, 2019
Sun Sep 8, 2019
Sim Camera + Playback Vancouver (2nd Floor)
3645 Grandview Hwy Vancouver, BC
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Michelle Yardley


PLEASE NOTE: This workshop has been cancelled. If you have questions regarding training, please contact Michelle at or 778-330-1673.

Cinematographer and Inventor of Artemis, Nic Sadler, will be giving an in-depth tutorial on planning shots with the use of Artemis Pro, Artemis Prime and Helios Pro. 

Also introducing Apollo - Artemis AR, a new tool for mapping out camera moves and new Anamorphic Caldwell Chameleon Primes used for large format filming.

These tools are:

·     Artemis Pro - a digital directors viewfinder system for both iOS and Android smartphones 

·     Artemis Prime - a lens mounted viewfinder system based on the Artemis Pro software

·     Helios Pro - sun, moon and star tracking and light pre-visualization software on iOS smartphones

·     Apollo - Artemis AR - a soon to be released set and location camera move visualization system. 

A host of new functions have been added and will be explained in detail for optimal usage.

Discussions will center around the Cinematographer's role in filmmaking today, including topics like: How to stay current; how to ensure creative control stays within the realm of the DPs job and what the role of the Cinematographer might look like in future years. 

This is a GREEN EVENT! 

Bring your own water bottle and coffee cup   ·    Carpool if possible



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