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Why Western Canada

Why Choose Western Canada?

There are many reasons to shoot in Western Canada. With an abundance of scenery combined with a well-established film industry infrastructure, Western Canada is ready and willing to accommodate all shooting needs.  

Western Canada includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Yukon Territory. Film productions covering all genres and formats have been shot here for decades.

All seasons, all terrains and all sizes of cities and districts make Western Canada a versatile and exciting filming choice. For nature there is a full array of options accessible throughout the year. The vistas are extensive from the majestic Rocky Mountains to the vast Prairie Provinces, from the expanse of Pacific Ocean to lush Rainforest foliage.  Bustling urban streets, quaint prairie towns, world-class ski resorts and quiet northern fishing communities are just some of the different options for backgrounds when shooting in Western Canada. 

Western Canadian crews have seen it all. From studio shooting to extreme locations decades of experience has given them international status.  We can fully crew any project with talent in all areas of production. From the top of the highest mountain by helicopter to complex open ocean scenarios and everything in between Western Canadian crews have done it.

The local film community is dedicated to training and keeping up with the latest’s technologies that can enhance your productions. Safety is of utmost importance and concern. Safety education and training means you will get the most out of Western Canadian crews in all kinds of situations

Support for Western Canadian film production is built on a strong foundation of world-class infrastructure. Western Canada has a wide choice of studio spaces and rental houses, hotels, vehicle rentals, production office rentals and other film-based amenities. The provinces and cities are ready to help with all your location needs.  There is a strong history and understanding of the requirements of film productions and therefore a solid base to meet those needs. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Western Canada and to supporting your team however we can to make your production the best it can be.