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Why ICG 669

International Cinematographers Guild (ICG 669) membership comprise the camera department in the film and television production industry. Our membership consists of Directors of Photography, Operators, Assistants, Unit Publicists, Stills Photographers, Electronic Camerapeople, Underwater specialists, Remote Head techs, Video Assist and Playback, Digital Engineers, Digital Imaging Technicians, Data Management Technicians and Camera Trainees that contribute to the imaging and recording of program content for the feature film, television and New Media markets.

A jurisdiction that includes scripted tv and theatrical feature entertainment (both film and digitally imaged), live events, behind-the-scenes, making-of, special features, webisodes and Internet based content. Creative artists, technicians, artisans, key contributors and talented category professionals ICG 669 members are responsible for the creation and capture of visual photographic content appearing on cinema, television and computer and smart device screens. Serving the needs of any Producer ICG 669 has serviced a full range of screen-based productions that include major studio Hollywood films, independent and lower budget tier features as well as award winning network and cable television shows. ICG 669 members have collaborated with internationally renowned Directors and Cameramen who rank amongst the most talented and recognizable names in the entertainment industry. Whatever your needs are, our skilled members can meet them with industry expertise.

Beginning at the Ontario provincial border and representing Eastern Canada IA Local 667 is our sister local. Members of both ICG 669 and 667 may take advantage of the free-flow work opportunities between the two jurisdictions. At a Producer's request, members of either local may work in the others' jurisdiction under the agreements of that local. Both locals share a National Health & Welfare Plan and participate in the Canadian Entertainment Industry Retirement Plan.

With four Western Canadian provinces and the Yukon territories as home ICG 669 is proud to be behind the lens for you. Come West and and enjoy our first-rate camera crews.